Thursday, July 17, 2008

Last Day in San Diego

The show has gone well. A pretty sleepy one by all accounts.
The breakouts scaled down to just a flipchart and nothing has gone wrong.
I fly back to Sacramento this evening and then tomorrow morning all my stuff arrives from Allied Van Lines.

I just placed an order for some equipment
4-QSC HPR122I 12" Loudspeaker
4-QSC HPR122I Cover Speaker Bag
4-Ultimate TS90B Speaker Stand
2-Ultimate BAG90D Dual Speaker Stand Bag
1-Mackie Onyx 24.4 Mackie Mixer
1-Road Ready Mixer Case Mixer Case
1-Whirlwind MS-24-4-XL-150SS 24.4 100 FT Snake
1-JK Audio INN-1X Telephone Interface

So this is very exciting for me. Pretty much all this gear is going to be used at the show I am on in San Francisco, so that is doubly exciting.
Yellow Shirt Productions officially owns a PA system!

Here are some images of the Equipment

The QSC HPR122i 12" Powered Loud Speaker

Bag Covers for the Speakers

The Mackie Onyx 24.4 Mixer

The JK Audio Innkeeper Telephone Interface

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Michael Steighner said...

Cool! Welcome to the world of gear ownership. Guess I should send you an industrial size bottle of Advil! hahahahehhe