Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Boston in the summer

I landed in Boston on Monday, and it was close to 95 degrees. We helped the client get set up with a printer and Internet access, and then went to dinner at a nice italian place around the corner from the hotel. It was a good thing we stayed close to the hotel, because right at the end of the meal, we get a call from the client that she couldn't print. I ran back to the hotel, and found that she was just trying the wrong printer. fixed that, and all was good!

After dinner, I scooted out to a hotel across town to meet my old boss from Seattle for a few drinks and to catch up on some old times. It was really good to see her and catch up after about 5 years.

Tuesday we ran through the same drill and set up the client in a temporary office. Got her printing, and then helped her trip director get set up printing. That took a lot longer than it should have because the computer is pretty beat up with it's operating system. There have been sooooo many printers installed and then removed that it just needs a lot of extra steps to get it working.

After that, a few of us went out walking the city to get to an Apple store for a power supply, and then to a Staples to get the client some supplies that she needed.
The temp rose to about 95 degrees again and by the time we got to the store which was easily a mile of walking, we were all soaked. Air conditioning never felt so good!
We got some lunch, and then headed back to the hotel to deliver the office stuff.

Last night we took the client to dinner at a great Italian restaurant called Luca in the north end which is like little Italy. After a great meal, some great wine, and an after dinner scotch. The client and her crew said good night and went back to the hotel.
Our crew wandered down the street to a really cool, basement cigar lounge, and had some great cigars and scotch. We finally left there around 11:30pm and headed to the hotel to get some sleep before our early morning call.
It was really a fun night that was very laid back and great bonding time for us all.

This morning I walked into the ballroom and there was gear everywhere. Lighting trusses hanging from the long chains getting lights installed and the place was busy with activity. We went back down to the clients office and got them set up printing again. The clients ability to print is about the most important thing I could possibly take care of when I am onsite. Internet access is second on the list.
If the client doesn't have access to the net, and printing, the whole operation comes to a halt. So, it is something that we put major focus on when we are onsite.

We have four breakout rooms, another office move, and a slide review room to set along with the general session room today and the show starts tomorrow.

It is a very relaxed pace, and all is going well, so this is a very enjoyable work experience today.



Paul Haglund said...

It's 52 degrees and misting in Seattle. I have my coat on......

Steve LaRose said...

Nice... thanks for the encouragement