Friday, June 6, 2008

Showtime in Philly

Rob hadn't gotten any of the presentations last night. They didn't do an official slide review. This morning, they came in with a whole bunch of presentations for him to load up.
The agenda showed about 8 presentations, and they handed Rob about 15. He ended up having to string all these slides together, and things still seemed weird. There was a presentation in there that had a thank you slide at the end of it, and then another 15 slides after the thank you. So, things were pretty unsettling this morning. We sorted all those kind of things out, but it is just no fun when you don't have answers and it is 10 minutes before the show is supposed to start. Our client was really great though. She was running around getting us all the answers to the questions that we had, and it all got sorted out. It just makes you wonder why we came down an hour and a half before the show started. (well... we all know why we come down that early)

We are recording this one to DV-Cam. Another gift I was given this morning is that one of the DV-Cam decks decided not accept tapes. This all happened with in the half hour window of the start of the show. Just great. So, instead of running a back up deck, we are just going to capture it all on the main.

The show is rolling right now, and all is going well. Our client is really sweet and happy. The meeting planner is not only happy, but she is very helpful, and is constantly looking out for the AV crew, and I slept in a heavenly bed again.

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Michael S. said...

Another episode of "Getting worked in the Corporate Theatre"

I'm just waiting for a presenter to casually flick a usb stick over the set oneday on his way to the lecturn live during the show. This move would be accompanied with a soft mumble that kind of sounds like "could you load up my presentation now please?"