Friday, June 6, 2008

Set up day in Philly

The setup was going well, right up until we actually tried to power on the projector, and got nothing.
Who needs a working projector anyway?

We grabbed the back up projector and that one powered up no problem, but no image. After about 45 minutes of checking cables, connections, and then replacing breakout cables, we finally got image. There were about 4 breakout cables that were bad.
So, we got the image up, and then called Rick to let him know that the projector was not working. Rick hopped in his car and drove all the way down from Maplewood about two hours away with a replacement projector.
Problem solved!

You have to appreciate that kind of support. The owner of the company, dropping everything to make sure that you have a good backup is something we all appreciated.

Rob and I put a wide angle lens in the projector, threw it up and got it looking all pretty, and then off to bed!

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