Thursday, June 5, 2008

Philadelphia PA

We are at the Westin in Philly, which is a really nice hotel... complete with Heavenly beds. If you have never stayed in a Westin and experienced the Heavenly bed.... you are missing out!
I am not sure that the Heavenly part of the experience is really about the bed, or just the pillows. Whatever it is... Westin has really nailed the complete experience. The rest I get from the Heavenly bed is just... Heavenly. (Ok.. I had to say it)

7:30 call this morning, and we had to set up a Monitor meeting, which was basically just a projector and screen. That turned into a last minute call for a sound system with a couple of wireless microphones. We were supposed to get into the room at 10:15 when they went to break, so at 10:10 we were ready to roll into the room and get setup. They were running late, and told me that it would be an additional 5-10 minutes.
55 minutes later, They still weren't really ready for a break, but they took a 5 minute break and we rocked out the set-up. Everyone was happy. Now, we are in standby till 3:00 pm when the truck from Staging Horizons is supposed to show up with the rest of the gear.
Rob and I already setup the conference mics, and wired everything.
I think it is about time to go get some lunch!

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Michael S. said...

Have a heavenly lunch!