Monday, June 23, 2008

Heading to Europe

I am sitting once again in lovely Greensboro Airport Gate 48. Today I am flying to Washington DC and then will sit there till 6:00 pm (about 6 hours) and then hop on a Boeing 777-222 to head to Brussels Belgium.
I am actually very excited about this trip, as I have not been to Brussels.
The meeting I am working is the same gig I did in Philly a few weeks ago, so it should be low stress for sure.
Horst and Andrea our AV Vendor from Munich are going to arrive in Brussels on Wednesday afternoon, and we are going to watch the soccer game that evening between Germany and someone else... I really have no idea who they are playing.. but it should be great fun to hang with Horst and Andrea.

All the rest of the crew are in South America in Buenos Aries right now on a show. I couldn't go with them because I am heading to Brussels. However, I am sitting in the Airport and we are all chatting via Skype while they are onsite in Argentina. Ain't Technology great!

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