Monday, June 16, 2008

Onsite in Chicago

I am in Chicago at the Hilton. This is such a huge hotel!
We are handling the breakouts for an 1800 attendee event.

Between yesterday and today, we had to set 129 breakout rooms spread throughout 25 floors of the hotel.
Don and I jumped on the opportunity to manage all the laptops. We both figured it would be less insane to deal with them, than trying to manage union guys, flipcharts and projection screens.

It has been pretty crazy trying to keep track of 129 computers, Wireless slide remotes and figuring out which rooms have been done, and which ones still need attention.
We had to tweak the machines and make sure that screen savers were turned off, Hibernation was turned off... a couple settings in power point and a few other things, but that took all day yesterday and all day today.
Tonight we will crash the clients dinner buffet and then get some sleep for a 6:30 am call to Mayhem.

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