Friday, June 27, 2008

Need... Sleep... Can't Stay... Awake

Well, it isn't really that bad.
We got the room around 5:00 pm and there were 4 of us setting up all the audio, Video, Set, and Lighting. Waiting on the hotel to bring in tables so that we could put conference microphones on them and wire the whole thing.
The hotel must have had other priorities, because it was well after 10:30 before they decided to set the room, and that was mostly because we kept asking them to do it.

We finally got done around 1:00 am and the room looked good, sounded good, and felt good. A couple hours of sleep later, the alarms went off around 6:30, I rolled out of bed to get ready for a 7:00 am call. So, now we are sitting in the show, and the presenter is talking about Infestations and Abnormalities. I am not sure that I really want to know what the difference is between Grade 3 and Grade 4 Abnormalities.

I am using a Yamaha O1V96 Digital Mixing Console on this one. Not really my favorite mixer. It is a little clunky to get around on, however, it does seem to sound pretty good.
It is nice to have a visual display of the EQ settings, but that is about the only advantage of using this digital console in the live sound environment. Here is a photo of the mixer.

Yamaha O1V96

Here I am at work.. or something like work...

Steve at work

Horst at the Graphics Position



only myself to blame said...

HORST! oh i miss that Bavarian.

Paul Haglund said...

OV1... Welcome to my world!
Just add another 56 channels and the same screwed up interface..........
You do have alot of capability in a small package. You just can't get to it without thinking or it will byte you in the tookus.

Michael S. said...

And no one behind the lighting console.....NIce!

Anonymous said...

Mike, that's the missing man formation, in honor of the lighting techs that have gone before...