Saturday, April 5, 2008


We got into the meeting room at the Ritz Carlton ahead of schedule, and the setup went pretty well. The room was super tight and the distance between the two sides of the U-shaped tables was about 4 feet. It was super tight, but really cozy.
We finished the set up around 6:00 pm and the client came in and saw the room. Everything was good, so Dave and I hopped in a cab and headed off to the Philips Center to watch the Atlanta Hawks play the Philadelphia 76'ers. We got out of the cab in the rain and found some ticket scalpers. Bought some great seats for $55.00 each. The intro to the game was cool. They had a drum line, cheerleaders and over each backboard they had these huge arena pyro's shooting 20 feet of flames up in the air.
 They had a Hawk fly down from the top of the arena and land on a dudes arm in center court. It was really fun. Then... Daves phone rang. right at the end of the 1st period, our client called. His client didn't like the way the room was set, and Dave
 and I had to bail from the game and rush back to the hotel to move all the tables and reset the microphones.
We laugh about it... but it was no fun leaving the game. 

We got back to the Ritz and made it happen. The client was appreciative, and all was well!
Cuz thats the way we roll!

Then Dave and I went for dinner at a diner around the corner and had to li
sten to really bad Karaoke. What a weird night!

So, here is a photo of the room as it finally got set. It is not a flashy photo, but then, these gigs aren't flashy. Unlike Mike Steighner's shows that always look like Disney world is celebrating their sweet 16th birth day. His shots can be found here. as well as his blog. 

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Michael S. said...

Well, my shows might look a little flashier, but your blogs are certainly amusing! I would have loved to see the look on your face when you heard that you had to leave the game! At least you saw the opening! Why am I using all these explanation points? !!!

Mike Steighner