Thursday, April 17, 2008

Will United ever get it right?

20 Minutes before my flight was supposed to take off, they announced that there would be a 1 hour delay. Apparently the crew needed one more hour of sleep so they could meet the "rest" guidelines. So, that also means that last night when the crew landed.... United knew full well that they were going to delay my flight. They also knew this morning when I checked in, and no one said a word. 
The delay would have landed me in DC 10 minutes before my next flight, so I never would have made the connection! I argued with the agent and he finally moved me over to Delta and I am now in Atlanta waiting for a flight to JFK. This flight is supposed to land at 10:54 am and my flight to Bangkok leaves at 11:35. I should be able to make it, however, there is not a chance that my luggage is going to.
So, much for the complimentary first class seats. 

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Michael S said...

Well, things are back on track now. Steve's on the road and getting worked over..again...