Monday, April 21, 2008

A completely different experience

We left the hotel on the coach and went with the group to see them off on their boat ride. They were all going on a dinner cruise. I took a few photos of the river, boats, a hotel that looked pretty cool overlooking the river. Then we hopped in a taxi and went over to the State Tower.
Took a photo of the building, and then went inside and there were about 5 people asking us where we were going.. did we have a reservation... then we found out that the "Dome" has about 3 restaurants and we didn't have any idea what the name of it was.

So, after a lot of hand motions, they finally sent us up to the 64th floor and we walked out onto this patio overlooking the city in the restaurant called Sirocco. It was truly breath taking! I mean...  you just have never seen anything before in your life.

I have been to the top of the Empire State Building, the Twin Towers, The Sears tower in Chicago, The Space needle, however, none of them have the exposure that this building gives you. You are 811 feet in the air and as you walk down this staircase towards the bar, you have about a 180 degree view of the city. It was truly spectacular! The city is lit up and beautiful. It looks a lot cleaner from 811 feet in the air. 

You make it down the stairs, and it is really something because it feels very steep, and you walk back up a level or two and land at this circular bar that is glowing beautiful bright colors. We almost immediately  found George, and he introduced us to his friend Hartley. Today was Hartley's birth day and we were honored to celebrate with them. Hartley was one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Easy to talk with, funny, and I thought, very laid back. We had a drink and then walked around the bar and realized that the far end of the bar is extended over the edge of the building. Just really fabulous design. I took a whole bunch of photos, which is not allowed, but I did it anyway. I wish I had a tripod because night photos from your hand = Blurry shots. 
I did get one or two pretty decent shots, but I did the best I could. Then we were summoned that our table was ready, and walked over to the table. The chairs are the heaviest chairs in the world. They have to be so they don't get blown around up there. 

The breeze was lovely, and there was a live band playing jazz up above us. The band was a bit loud, but you can't really complain about anything since the experience is just over the top. George ordered some lovely wine to start with, and then we just hung out and talked.. about everything.  The meal service was slow... not a bad slow... just not in your face making you feel rushed. The menu was tremendous so many options from all over the world. Australian Rack of Lamb, Chilean Sea Bass, Maine Lobster, Scottish Salmon, we were ready to do some eating! After being in Bangkok since Friday and really not having a satisfying meal since leaving NY, this was so exciting! I ordered Vine ripe tomatoes with mozzarella, beetroot reduction and spiced vegetable aranccini for an appetizer and Seared veal medallion topped with ricotta spinach ravioli served with potato galette on Pommery mustard sauce, for my entree. The food came, and it was really great. Good flavors, no smells that make you wonder what alley this was sitting on before they threw it in the wok. Just a great meal. George was so funny, I was crying I was laughing so hard a few times. The wine bottles were empty. They came with a birthday cake, and sang happy birthday. They finished the song for Hartley with.. "Happy Birthday Dear HARERY.... " Since they have trouble pronouncing the L's. Hartley blew out the candles, and the cake was pretty good. 

The meal ended and we closed the restaurant... it was late, and I was really beat. By the time we got back to the hotel it was about 1:00 am and I went pretty much right to bed after a video call with Rick.
So, the evening was polar opposite to our experience thus far  in Thailand, and I finally ate a good meal!

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