Sunday, April 20, 2008

Unexpected changes.. go figure

Well, we thought we were going to get the room to set up at 11:00 am but.. not so much. There is a group in there till 5:00 pm. So, no worries... we will just rock out the setup this evening. 
While wondering around the little shopping mall attached to the hotel, I looked up and there was George! Just sauntering down the mall like we bumped into each other at Willowbrook mall. Only.... on the other side of the world.
We were all hungry, so Tina and I hopped in George's car, and after getting lost in the parking garage trying to find the exit, we were heading to a restaurant somewhere about 25 minutes away for Chinese food. George's friend Mr. Li met us there and brought some of his family and we had a pretty authentic Chinese food experience. Complete with a big fish that was laying on its side staring at us. Ok.. it was dead.. but the eye was staring at me as I spooned out it's parts onto my plate. It was a bit rough going... I am a Filet/Ribeye/T-bone/ Mcdonalds Big mac kinda guy, and between the Oysters, balloon fish and white fish that was spinning around the table on the lazy Susan. I was barely hanging on... Mr. Li and his family were getting a kick out of telling me to eat this.. and put this sauce on that. There was one moment where I had to just be still and try to breathe. My mouth full of slimy fish and scales. A deep breath and gulp! Try to stay calm and look cool. 32.6 percent successful, but at least I didn't spew it out.
A wendy's single with cheese is sounding really good about now.

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