Sunday, April 20, 2008

Setup in the London Room

We got into the room right at 5:00 pm and started setting up. In normal fashion, the guy from the AV company, Kenny, didn't want me to help with the setup. This happens a lot when we work with companies on international shows. 
We just assume that they feel like you are the client and they don't want you to work too hard. Mostly likely, they just don't trust us.... Nah.. just kidding. They are incredibly nice to work with and they work so hard and methodical. Kenny is a rock star and I am fortunate to have him on this show.
So, we finished the setup around 11:30. It took longer than I would have wanted, but the hotel was slow striking the room from the previous group so that held us up a bit.
I was tired and even though it was late I thought I should get some food. I hit the Hotel bar, and this woman came right for me.. telling me "No Chaats" I was so tired... and looked at her like... "What?" and she kept saying "No Chaats" and pointing at my legs. I realized she was saying "No Shorts" So, I just went to bed. Hungry... sweaty... tired.

I know.. poor Steve. 
Woke up around 5:00 am feeling pretty good.. went down to the Ballroom around 5:45 and fired up the sound system. I did a test record and all was well, so around 6:30 got some food at the Breakfast buffet restaurant. It was really decent food, but I just am not big on breakfast.

Tonight we are going to a cool resturaunt on the 65th floor of a building.. check out the place!

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