Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Vacation in the Corporate Theater

Folsom California has been really nice. Yesterday was cool and cloudy, but today was about 67 degrees and sunny with major blue skies. Allen and I took the motorcycles out for a putt putt and the riding was amazing.. the roads just as twisty as you could want, but a gentle pace made it such a relaxing ride. We went from Folsom to Coloma just amazing.. I wish I could have taken photos while I was riding, but obviously the title to this blog would be much different if I had.
Here is a video of me taking black death for a quick spin around the parking lot of this little park that we stopped at.

I was riding a 2007 Ducati S4RS which is the top of the line in the Ducati Monster series.
Tremendous power, and yet so smooth... like Butter!
Here is a photo of the two bikes where we stopped for lunch.
And then just a shot of Black Death for everyones enjoyment.

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Michael S. said...

Awesome Steve....sounds like good fun. I gotta charge my bike battery and go for a spin this week! Safe riding!