Thursday, April 17, 2008

Too Early O'clock

The Alarm went off at 2:15am and I snoozed for another glorious 9 minutes. Why do they make the snooze on alarm clocks for 9 minutes and not 10?
It took just over an hour to drive down to Charlotte. I usually fly out of Greensboro which is just about 20 minutes away, but the ticket price from Greensboro to Charlotte was thousands more than it was from Charlotte. I checked in... no waiting, and the screen said "As an elite flyer with a full fare ticket, your upgrade is complimentary" Score! First Class from Charlotte to Dullis, and then from Dullis to JFK. Maybe it is a sign that this trip is going to go smooth and silky all the way to Bangkok. Or, maybe it is the only thing that is going to go right for me for the next 5 days.
Time will tell, but I am optimistic. 
Brock... whatever wisecrack you just made.... I will get you for that!

So, it is just after 4:30 am and I am hungry! There is really nothing open though this early, so I grabbed a Gatorade from the sundry shop and I am hoping that they give me a bite to eat on the plane. Today is one of those days that you just don't need a flight delay. The turnarounds between flights are just too close. 

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