Monday, April 14, 2008

Leaving California

What a week! I rode the Ducati like a Pro.. or a mad man... ok.. maybe just a rookie who was on the brink of death but was too ignorant to know better. Anyway it happened, it was a blast. 
The bike was fun, I felt like I wanted to be about 2 inches taller to be really comfortable on it. The 620ie would probably be the duck for me, however I am glad I got to ride the S4Rs, because those kind of opportunities don't come along every day. 
I also got to spend some time on Black Death, which is always a treat. All in all the riding was amazing. We rode through these gold mining towns which are so quaint and fun. The weather was gorgeous. It was mostly in the high 80's just perfect for riding. We went to so many
 different bars and restaurants I can't even remember them all. Some were incredible, others were total dives. Allen tried to show me the whole spectrum of what is in Sacramento/Folsom.
 Everything from the Park Ultra Lounge to Poor Reds (you can imagine which one is the dive)
Here is a photo of the outdoor part of the Park Ultra Lounge.

And now one of Poor Reds (although not a photo)

Yesterday Allen took me to an area about 25 minutes from his house where there is an abundance of rock climbing. It was hot and the hike to get there was all down hill and although steep, not too bad at all. Once you arrive.. the view is incredible. The photos don't even come close to doing it justice, but here are a few anyway.

I am at the airport now heading home for 2 days, then off to Bangkok! 

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mike steighner said...

Hey Steve,

Can't wait to see the posts and pics from Bangkok (spelling???). HAVE FUN!

Mike S.