Monday, May 19, 2008

AV in Russia

After we met with the equipment vendor yesterday we felt pretty good that we had avoided some major issues. They had intended to provide us with a Video switcher that was a 4 channel composite switcher. We told them that we needed a seamless VGA switcher that would handle a minimum of 4 computers. 
They understood, and told us they would get one.

This morning, this is what showed up.
So those of you in the business, will know that when we asked for a Seamless VGA switcher... we were expecting something a bit different. 

Oh, and the power Tie-in... it speaks for itself!

Hours later after waiting for a new switcher, this epic piece of equipment showed up. A crash switch. Strike 32-45 

There has been so many lost in translation moments so far that it would be impossible to keep count.
Everything from the basics like no gaff tape, to a $200 lighting board instead of the Whole Hog II that we finally were able to get. 7.5' x 10' screens in a room with a 10' ceiling. Pipe and Drape is not a few uprights and cross bars. It is 40' of lighting truss with gray cloth gaffed to it, and the list goes on and on.

The other part of the equation is that the hotel has just gone through a major renovation. So, amidst the carnage of our AV setup, there is the constant sound of hammer drilling, dust everywhere, and Hotel staff that could never find a reason to smile at a guest even if they worked at Disney for the next 35 years.

Last night, Eric decided to take a photo of the flowers in the lobby. He was instantly harassed by a security guard and asked if he was a guest. Then he was asked for his room number, and then that just wasn't good enough. The security guard then told him he had to go to the front desk. When he asked why, he was just ignored and told to go to the front desk. 

It was a mess and pretty annoying.

The sun doesn't set here till 11:15, and that makes it hard to get adjusted to sleep.

The show starts tomorrow, it is almost 6:00 pm and right now.... we are just rounding the corner to start the climb up success mountain.


Michael Steighner said...

Awesome.....a rack right out of cousin Vladamir's garage!

Michael Steighner said...

Dude...I really dont think you have a clue how funny you are. How often does one get to use the word "carnage" when describing a setup? Awesome!!! I new that this trip was gonna make for some great blogging. I dont think you could accurately predict it though. Tell everyone I said hi!