Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blogging in Prague

I have been remiss in keeping the Blog updated as much as I would like to have. However, I have a good excuse. We have been out shooting photos of the most amazing city I have ever seen!

I landed in Prague at 9:40 in the morning, after an awful connection in Frankfurt. 
I arrived in Frankfurt and had about 1 hour to make my connecting flight. So, I followed the signs to the gate that I was supposed to leave from and it took me through passport control. That is not a good thing. Now, I am outside the secure area, and have to go back through security which is just going to take more time. 
I also had not been given my boarding pass for the next flight, and had to check in at the Lufthansa counter. So, after finally getting some paperwork to get through the check point, I rushed over to security because the lady at the ticket counter told me I was going to have to run. They were already boarding the plane. 

At Security, I got stopped and they made me empty my camera bag. Completely! Then they took me around a corner and checked every lens for explosives. 

I had 4 minutes left....

Finally they let me go, and I started running. 26 gates through a crowded airport and I was huffing and puffing, sweating, and just about to collapse. 
I made the flight however, and landed in Prague at 9:40 am.  Then I had a pleasant surprise. There was a driver waiting for me with my name on a sign. 
He took my bags, and put me in a new mercedes and about 20 minutes later I was at the hotel.
Checked in and took a quick nap. 
Then I decided to go out and explore the city by myself for a while because I was hungry. 
So, I will post a few photos of my first experience in Prague. 

I am having trouble uploading to the blog, so Here is the link to the photos so far.

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Michael S. said...

Hey Steve,

Glad your doing well. Nice shots. Prague is great. Denise and I were there in 1993 or 94 I think. Love to go back some day. They were just in the infancy stages of embracing capitolism back then. There are some great cathedrals there. Have fun! I'm off to Vegas for a quick show at the Venetian. C Ya!

Michael S.