Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Show

I have typed a few different sentences and then backspaced over them to start this blog. I just have no idea where to start. 
The madness started out in the General Session when Eric turned on the first microphone and found that the simultaneous interpretation vendor was taking the feed from the PA and sending it so hot into the earphones that the 120 earphones were louder than the PA system.
The lighting instrument that we were using to project a gobo was most likely right out of the box, and it started smelling up the room with a burnt paint smell.
Then the stage right projector decided to just overheat and turn itself off. 
Then the stage Left projector crapped out. We called for a back up and a brand new back up lamp. George ripped apart the machine and worked on it for a bit... to no avail. 

It took hours... like 5 hours to get them to bring us the new gear. 
Then towards the end of the day, we lost the front couple of rows of microphones so I had to become mic runner boy. 
Everyone needed a drink last night... that is for sure.

Today... smooth sailing. You wouldn't think that there were any issues at all.

Oh... Besides the fact that the Russian AV crew stinks. Beyond the idea that they are not good at the  job... The have more body odor than just about anything I have ever smelled.
All I can tell you.. is don't get into the elevator with them.. take the next one!


Michael Steighner said...

Wait to you get to South America!

Michael Steighner said...

man, u were my origional blogging inspiration.....and no blog for 4 days? Hope your getting some rest!