Friday, May 16, 2008

Heading to Russia

In about 45 minutes we head to Russia. Because we ran out of time, some of us did not get a business visa to enter Russia, so we are traveling on tourist visas. The rule is that on a tourist visa, you are not allowed to preform any tasks that would be considered work. 
So, the official line is that we are attending a meeting.
I hope this works. I am not ready to sit in a room and be interrogated by the Russians.

Maybe the 20 pounds of camera equipment will be enough to make them believe I am just an American tourist.

So, if this is the last post you ever see on Life in the Corporate Theater, you will understand. I don't think they will give me Internet access in Siberia. Someone should really pick up where I have left off. 

Today should be an experience, that is for sure!

1 comment:

Michael Steighner said...

hehehehe....your gift of the written word will certainly be missed. Good luck with the Ruskies!