Thursday, May 8, 2008

When it Rains... It Pours

I was just finishing up packing when I started to hear thunder... lots o thunder!
Then flash after flash about every 10 seconds there were about 15 flashes. 
The wind started to pick up, so I flipped on the TV and saw a tornado watch for the county I live in and the surrounding areas.
Over the course of about 30 minutes the wind and rain picked up to about 50 miles an hour! The hanging ferns were horizontal, and the Rockers on the front porch flipped over and blew onto the steps.
It turns out that the heart of the tornado was about 1 mile away. Then came more rain, and finally when I thought it might be dying down... Huge chunks of hail.
The storm is moving north east.

Great.. just what I need! I am flying out of Greensboro tomorrow morning, which is East of here. 
Landing in Washington DC, which is North East of here. 
I am sure I am going to get delayed.

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Michael S. said...

Chapter 1.....And the workage begins