Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Our call ended at 10:00 pm last night. The dinner was held in the Admiralty room which we are using as the break out for this morning. We rocked in there with an LCD projector and a couple wireless mics, and within a half hour, AV was pretty much set. We didn’t tape any of the cables down because the hotel had not moved the tables around from dinner.


This morning, we walked into the room, and go figure. The hotel not only had not moved the tables around, but they also ignored the fact that the room was going to be used as a break out today and set it for dinner this evening. After asking, begging, and pleading for them to reset the room, and move the tables from the very front. Our meeting planner Tina gave up and started moving tables and chairs herself. Meanwhile, there were two housemen sitting in the room, at the tables Tina was moving. Not bothering to help even in the slightest. When she got to the table that they were sitting at… They just stared at her. Finally when they didn’t get the idea, she looked right at them, and said “MOVE”

They figured that one out, but never helped us move the tables and chairs.

Finally after Rick, Tina, and I finished moving all the Tables and Chairs, some supervisor woman came up to us and asked if they could help. We said, “No, not now” and then she snapped something in Russian to the Ivan and Igor, and they started moving some chairs. Igor, being about the laziest houseman I have ever seen is dragging a chair across the floor, and nails the power cable that is taped down feeding the projector. He cut the thing right in half. What a pain. I then had to go find another extension cable, and although that seems like it should be easy, here in Russia, nothing is easy.

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