Thursday, May 29, 2008

what is going on.

Just for you faithful readers. I am hanging out at home, leaving for Philly on Tuesday. So, no blogs about the Corporate Theater happening till then.

I would post a photo of what I am doing now, but no one wants to see me passed out with a bottle of Jack Daniels spilled across my chest.


Michael Steighner said...

Very nice....very nice... (speechless)

Lee Potts said...

Hi Steve,

I just started a blog dealing with what can go wrong during the presentation process, so your posts have been especially interesting to me. Thanks for giving everyone a really good idea of what it's like.

What show are you going to be doing in Philly?


Steve LaRose said...

Hi Lee, thanks for reading my blog. Philly is going to be another pharmaceutical show. I really don't like to post proper names on my blog as sometimes I am a bit irreverent as to describing things that happen on the road. Drop me an email:

I have book marked your blog, and will keep up with it.
AV is such a funny industry to be a part of. You get to see things and do things that no one could possibly believe, and you get paid for it.
Hope to hear from you.


Haglund said...

I think I already have that picture somewhere.........

Michael Steighner said...

Awesome...another reality blog for me to read! Who needs TV!

Steve, remind me to ask u about cool locations in the Seattle area. I am going on a DLWS workshop in the San Juan Islands in September. C U in Boston. :)

Well, Im off to hash out yet another photo for my blog...hmmmm, what to post...