Tuesday, May 6, 2008

International Travel

I am headed out on Friday to Prague, Czech Republic, and then directly to Saint Petersburg Russia. I am still waiting for my Russian visa which should be here on Wednesday with my passport. My friend Rob and I are arriving a day early in Prague to see some sights and shoot some photos of this amazing city. 
Prague should be the normal part of this trip. Russia however, is going to be something entirely different. The hotel is in the middle of a huge renovation, and when our lighting director went there last week for a site survey, he found that the ballroom that we are going to be setting up in is completely torn apart, wiring hanging out of the ceiling, and construction materials everywhere. It should be a trip! Rob and I are staying for an extra day in Russia as well.  

After the Europe trip is over, in June, I head to Philadelphia for a few days, then straight to Boston for a week, and back to back... right to Chicago. There is some potential that I may fly to Chile South America, and then right from there to Brussels. Either way, Brussels is for sure. 

So, the next two months are going to be amazing, and full of tremendous opportunity and experiences.

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