Monday, May 19, 2008

Let me make myself very clear!

The Russian TD came up to Rick and asked what time did their techs need to be here in the morning. 
Rick - 7:30 am. 

TD - 7:30 am

Rick - Yes

TD - Ummmmm 8:30?

Rick - (with his face turning red faster than an Astronaut on the sun with nothing but a speedo)

Rick - NO.... Let me make myself very clear! Everything we have asked for has not happened on time. This is why I asked for everything the first day when we talked. The crew hasn't eaten, we are going to be here past 10:00 pm.  7:30 am... Not 8:00 am, Not 8:30 am, Not, oh... I hope they show up at 9:00 am.... 7:30 am!

TD - uuhhh... ok

Rick - Do I make my self clear? 

TD - (blank stare) yes

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Michael Steighner said...

Scene 2 .... 10:45AM ....As the crew walked into the ballroom, they noticed the pungent smell of smoke. It seemed to be pouring out of the producers ears!